Our Journey

The first time I met Richard Harrell I knew he was going to one day go back to the land of his birth, Africa. He emitted such a deep love of the people, it was both contagious and admirable. I knew if I were to get involved with this young man, that my life would quickly jump the track it was currently on and take me to very unfamiliar and uncomfortable places.

That was over 12-years-ago, and little did I know what a winding journey this new train would take. Although, it has been a much more difficult track than I would have chosen for myself, I can honestly say our journey as a married couple has caused us to sharpen one another over the years. We married at only 21-years of age, and in many ways we have grown up inside of a marriage. The births of our four boys each brought unique challenges, but through the difficult times the Lord steeled us for the journey we now face in Africa. We do not yet know the hardships that lie ahead of us as we seek to carry out the Great Commission to the hurting people in Lesotho and South Africa, but we certainly have learned first hand, repeatedly in our marriage who carries us through life's difficult moments. It is because of the tender ways in which Jesus has shown himself to us, that we give our lives fully to His service. May His will be done!

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